Peptide-Enabling Technologies

Ureka’s proprietary UrelixTM technologies involve taking lead peptides and

optimize their pharmaceutical properties to generate the best drug candidates.



New Modalities in Drug Discovery

Foldamers are an emerging class of molecules with promising applications in drug discovery.

Urelix 1.0 - Peptide Engineering


The UrelixTM approach consists of replacing a portion of a lead peptide with an oligourea segment to improve its pharmaceutical properties.

Smart and Simple

  • Easily accessible building blocks
  • Fully compatible with solid phase peptide synthesis
  • Applicable to any peptides
  • Fast results

Urelix 2.0 - Therapeutic Peptide

Peptide-oligourea hybrids analogue of GLP-1 with improved action in vivo

UrelixTM technologies were applied to GLP-1, an anti-diabetic peptide, to improve its action in vivo. See publication in Nature Communications here.


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